Terms of Use

Welcome to StudeeHome, a student focused classifieds community that aims to enhance the overall student experience. This platform is tailored to help students find accommodation, job and internship opportunities among other things. For the mutual protection of all users please read the terms of services thoroughly before using our services.


Content Integrity and Copyright
Posters and users are responsible for ensuring that posts, texts, and images uploaded on studeehome.com are truthful and comply with our terms. Studeehome.com is not liable for content posted by users. Users agree not to post content that violate any copyright, intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity. Any deceptive, harmful or abusive posts will be taken down when reported.
Discrimination based on race, religion and gender is prohibited We seek to promote diversity and inclusiveness on our platform. Any reports indicating that a user/account is engaging in discriminatory practices will be investigated and this may lead to account suspension or deletion. Property Managers reserve the right to specify the gender of potential renters, they may not however specify race or religion as this contradicts our philosophy of diversity and inclusion. Property Damage StudeeHome.com is not liable for any damage caused to property caused by tenants.
StudeeHome members can register under 2 types of accounts, Student, Non-Students and Business accounts. This is to enable users to have a general idea of other users they interact with; Student Accounts Currently enrolled students in a tertiary institution are allowed to register under this account using a valid student email assigned to them by their institution. Student members are allowed to post, view all ads. Business Accounts All non-student members including registered business or individuals can register and post under a business account using any email address. Business Account members can only post and view their ads, but cannot view other users ads.
StudeeHome.com will not disclose any personal user information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers to any third parties unless for administrative purposes and for improving users’ experience on studeehome.com.